2 Day Paediatric

Who should attend?
Up to 12 Persons who are responsible for the welfare and care of young or vulnerable children.
Aims and Objectives!
To enable students to summon help and give adequate and efficient paediatric First Aid to a casualty following an injury or illness using materials to hand before medical help arrives.
First aid equipment and first aid trained personnel in the workplace are requirements of Health & Safety regulations. In an emergency a trained First aider can react to prevent situations becoming major issues and can limit the pain and discomfort to the casualty.
Teaching Strategies & Methods:
The course combines tutorials and demonstrations with student centered methods such as group work, case studies, question and answer sessions, skill demonstrations and practice
A certificate of attendance is awarded on completion of the course valid for three years, although yearly updating of skills is the H.S.E. recommendation

This course is approved by Ofstead/ Early Years Foundation Stage and designed for individuals who work with young children. ( School Staff, Nursery & Childminders)


> Introduction, registration welcome and domestics
> What to do at the scene of an emergency
> Initial assessment of a casualty, D R A B
> Resuscitation
> Secondary assessment, examination of an unconscious casualty
> Recovery position
> Assessment and treatment of choking, Asthmatic and Anaphylactic casualties
> Treatment and control of slight and severe external and internal bleeding
> Personal Hygiene
> Assessment and treatment of shock
> Treatment of burns, Head injuries, seizures, foreign bodies and eye injuries
> Communication, contents of a first aid box/ record keeping
> Revision