Annual 1/2 Day Refresher

Who should attend?
Up to 12 students who hold a current FAW certificate, and want to maintain and update their first aid skills.
Aims and Objectives!
To refresh students on their basic First Aid skills and to update them on any changes, which may have been introduced.
First aid equipment and first aid trained personnel in the workplace are requirements of Health & Safety regulations. Refresher training will help to maintain skills, which may other wise fade, if not put into practice, it also allows an opportunity for students to be up dated on any changes, which may have been introduced and to put questions to the instructor.
Teaching Strategies & Methods:
The course combines tutorials and demonstrations with student centered methods such as group work, question and answer sessions, skill demonstrations and practice
A certificate of refresher training is awarded on completion of the course valid for one year.


> Introduction, registration welcome and domestics
> What to do at the scene of an emergency/Incident management
> Assessment, examination of an unconscious casualty
> Recovery position
> Resuscitation/CPR
> Treatment and control of bleeding
> Assessment and treatment of shock