Schools First Aid

Who should attend?
Anyone in the position of looking after childrens welfare, this would include teachers and classroom assistants, child minders and nannies and playgroup assistants. The guidelines for childrens first aid are different to those of adults, this course will deal with the methods used for the treatment of both children and adults.
Aims and Objectives!
The course is designed specifically for those with a responsibility for children; the candidate will be trained in Basic Life Support (BLS), and Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), for both children and adults. They will learn how to deal with bleeds, shock, burns, fractures and head injuries as well as the ability to assess and treat other illnesses. They will also be taught basic record keeping and equipment maintenance.
The most important difference between children and adults is the techniques used for resuscitation and dealing with choking casualties, failure to use the correct techniques when dealing with young children, has the potential to cause serious injury to the child. This course will ensure that your staff know the correct protocol to be used in relationship to the individual being treated thus minimising the chances of serious injury and ensuring a safer learning environment for the children.
On successful completion of the course the candidate will receive a certificate of competence in First aid which will be valid for 3 years.

Suitable for persons working in Schools, Colleges or with young children this is a 1-day, non-assessed course for up to 15 students.

Course Content:

Aims/Duties of a First Aider
First Aid Equipment/Record keeping
Primary Assessment of a Casualty
Recovery Position
CPR Techniques (Adult and Child)
The Choking Casualty (Adult and Child)
Treatment of Bleeds External/Internal
Assessment/Treatment of Shock
Burns- Head Injuries

(Additional subjects as requested)