Sports First Aid

Who should attend?
Anyone who is involved in any sporting activities or may be responsible for the welfare of those participating in a sporting activity, i.e. sports academies, sports teams or youth clubs etc.
Aims and Objectives!
To train the candidate in Basic Life Support (BLS), and Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), They will learn how to recognise and treat wounds and bleeds, to deal with shock, treatment of soft tissue injuries, (sprains-strains) how to deal with fractures and dislocations and how to look after a casualty with a suspected neck injury.
A Sports First Aider will be competent in the treatment of casualties with a range of injuries, minimising pain and discomfort to the casualty and preventing further injury, thus making the venue a safer place to practice the chosen sport. The sports first aid course can be delivered as a 1-day course or broken down over two evenings which ever suits the client's needs.
On successful completion of the course the candidate will receive a certificate of competence in Sports First aid, which will be valid for 3 years.

Suitable for those persons involved in any sporting activities, this is a 1 day, non-assessed course for up to 12 students.

Course Content:

Aims/Duties of a First Aider
First Aid Equipment/Parental Consent/Record keeping
Primary Assessment of a Casualty
Recovery Position
CPR Techniques
Choking, Asthma, Anaphylaxis
Treatment of Bleeds/Wounds External/Internal
Assessment/Treatment of Shock
Soft Tissue Injuries (sprains-strains)
Fractures / Dislocations
Head / Spinal injuries
(Additional subjects as requested)